Visiting The British Museum



Hartsholme Country Park Visit

As a part of a weekend break, I visited Hartsholme Country Park In Lincolnshire with my mum.

The park has more than 200 acres and has lots of woodland areas to walk. We saw squirrels up in the trees and ducks and swans in the Lake. It was a mild day and the sun came out in the morning. Fortunately it did not rain today so we could take off our jackets for a while.

After a 45 minute walk, we went through a meadow to the cafe where I bought a hot chocolate and some chips. The visitors centre opposite the cafe was open so we had a short look around and before leaving.

I took some photos and video at the park of the wildlife we saw.


Views from the Harbour

‘afterwards we took a short walk down Poole Harbour’

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In the past couple of weeks, I had the fortune of joining my mum on a long weekend visit to see her friends who live in Dorset, on the South coast of England. With me slightly unprepared for the lengthy coach journey, we boarded a coach setting off at 9 o’clock in the morning but did not reach Poole until around 5 o’clock in the early evening.

However, when we did it was very worth the while, we were greeted at the coach station by my mother’s friends, who then drove us to their extended Bungalow style home. Upon arrival, we were given a house tour, before unpacking and settling down for dinner. We were also introduced to their two cats Billy and Mila, who were brought from Brazil.



Fun-filled second day

Honestly it escapes me what time we began our journey, possibly around 10 o’clock. This was Saturday morning and we began by exploring Poole beach and the harbour. Unfortunately, we had just begun our walk along the beach when it began to rain, slowly at first and then pouring. So we raced back to the car and waited for the rain to layoff. Then we went on the ferry to take more pictures.

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After spending around ten minutes, we came off the ferry and went to Swanage, a coastal area, to take in the scenery and go for lunch at a local pub. The views of the ocean from the hills at this point were amazing, so we took pictures and videos here and I took a panoramic image of the Sea view from where I was standing. Afterwards we took a short walk down Poole harbour past a row of Yachts that have an estimated cost of over £1 million pounds to take pictures of them. A short while later we went for another walk around the park, which was beautiful with a fountain but had limited floral displays.


The third day was more complicated, we started off going to Bournemouth beach and then we explored the views of Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Hengistbury Head, from which the Isle of Wight can be seen.

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We visited the beach huts along Hengistbury Head, Bournemouth harbour and Christchurch Priory and its ruins, before returning to the house for a late dinner.


The final day

It was a much later start to the day and a longer breakfast than usual, we did not leave until around 10:30 and drove through Poole for a while, reflecting on the places we had visited. Then we looked at a final harbour nearby the coach station and stopped to take pictures for a short while, and to reflect on our journey. Unfortunately, we could not go the entire way so we returned back down the hill before leaving for the coach station.